The Official Course Description: This course provides students with the methodological competencies required to carry out advanced research in the field of Cultural Studies. Combining theory with case studies, students are introduced to some of the investigative approaches commonly adopted by Cultural Studies scholars, including ethnography, discourse analysis and archival research. Further attention is paid to research ethics and research controversies. In addition to reading articles on the question of method by key theorists, such as James Clifford, Angela McRobbie and Michael Taussig, throughout the course students will be asked to complete short research assignments designed to advance their own research skills. The final assignment will take the form of a proposal for a senior year project.

The Unofficial Course Description: Cultural Toolkit is a methodology “boot camp” for students in the Culture and Media Studies Program at The New School for Liberal Arts. In summary, this course is an intensive course/workshop designed to introduce you to methodologies and methodological debates in the field of Cultural Studies and to prepare you to develop a viable proposal for your senior year project.

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